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I got my carry license in the fall of 2008 and had my Glock 29 ready to be my carry gun. Stoked with 175 grain Winchester Silvertip, I carried it for a year in a cheap Uncle Mike's IWB holster before I upgraded to a KHolster IWB.

I'm still using the KHolster IWB and I'm still carrying the Glock 29 more than 4 years later. I did recently change to Buffalo Bore 180 grain JHP, but the pistol & holster is the same. I am not interested in changing my setup or routine.

Because it is relevant, when I am headed somewhere that I cannot legally take my carry gun with me (like a sporting event or some such place), anywhere that my carry gun will be left in the car for an extended period -- I do not take my G29. Instead, I take a Ruger P-95 which I rarely will carry on my person. It makes the trip so that I have a gun with me, but then it gets left in the car to be stolen.
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