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Just off the phone with

They don't know where my X-bow is.

They don't know if it ever left the warehouse.

Worse, they started off telling me it was in transport and today was the fifth business day since 11/4. I asked how they calculated that and they indicate 3-5 is shipping and they have an additional day for handling. It should be here when UPS delivers. UPS already went by, but my house is on a street that borders two routes or something and we often get multiple runs this time of year so I was thinking maybe it could.

I asked if they normally send shipping confirmation e-mails. They do. I never got one and there is no tracking number available.

When I bring this up they finally say 'We are having some trouble at the warehouse that ships this item. It may be 4-5 additional business days.'
I'm thinking, well now they made a mistake, lied to cover it and I caught them. If customer service is worth a darn I am going to get something decent for free. They refunded my ground UPS shipping of 16.95. Not what I would consider impressive. They could have at the least expedited it since everybody involved knows the item is either sitting in the warehouse waiting to be picked.

My real fear: They don't actually have this item in stock and they would not admit it. Almost nobody else still carries this item. They will play games through most of hunting season.

On my CTD account i have three orders listed. On one they sent me the wrong item and fought me on it. This order is all messed up. One order did go through without issue though.
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