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In your experience, what kind of ammo do you typically shoot thru your Gov and, if I may ask, what types of groups and patterns does each ammo produce at what range?

Is it safe for me to assume 5 - 7 yds out to 25 yds? (latter may be a stretch for self defense, but you never know and you should know your .410 patterns max distance)

A very serious question. Could be a life or death matter if one is banking one's life on that revolver (and I'm just nosy). If you're to sell others on your concept, help us out a bit please.

.45acp? 230 gr down to 165 gr. FMJ or JHP or both
.45LC? 165 gr., 200 gr., 225 or 230 gr.
2-1/2" .410? buck shot and slug(?).

Please respond w/ answers at your leisure... photos are always a plus as well. I looked thru your other threads and perhaps I failed to spot this type of shared knowledge to back your claim. If so, please direct me.
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