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Agreed... there is that possibility. I don't know how this gun performs, but I've seen some targets shot with other multi-ball rounds, and at shorter (SD) distances, the spread between the two or three projectiles is usually not much.. an inch or two, if memory serves
true and in all my 45acp tests out of a 1911 they are all in a 1.5 inch group. like you said though in a sd situation all rules are out the window but if that's the case the most valuable things have already been lost. the ability to see a dangerous situation and removing yourself from it before it escalates.

Smaller shot sizes are likely to be more of an irritant than a deterrant, I think.
the idea being the small / more numerous shot is more likely to strike something vital. so if your only getting a 2 inch spread that is out the window and you have lost the precision of a well aimed shot.
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