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I keep confusing the two - here's Plan B:

Here is the link for the Swarovski 4A reticle with the 8.3" sub tension at 100 yards.

Here is my ballistic data:

Bullet Dia - .451"
BC - .210
Bullet Wt - 250gr
Muzzle Vel - 1850 fps
SD - .176
Zero Range - 127 yards
Interval - 1 yard
Max Range - 200 yards
Sight Ht - 1.504"
Clicks/MOA - 4
Temp - 40 degrees F
Altitude - 1000 ft

At 100 yards, the bullet impacts 1.5" high using the center of the crosshair. If I use the heavy edge of the post as my aiming point, at what yardage would the bullet hit dead center of the bullseye? If I can get that exact distance, I can reverse engineer the answer and understand how it works. Obviously I'm plumb dumb instead of being just some dumb. Thanks.
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