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Hey thank you! Honestly that's the thought process I was using when considering buying it- I felt like it just made sense for me in my scenario. I have nothing against assault rifles, and I understand the usefulness of them. But I wanted a bolt gun which is super simple to maintain, can shoot a generous sized caliber, hold more than 3 or so bullets, and is not so long where I could not maneuver around with is should I have to.

After seeing the speed at which a few of the "guru's" at the local range could cycle through a bolt action rifle with accuracy- I knew that it was possible to use one in MANY different scenarios.

Funny thing though- I saw a video (one of the first that came up in my search) where this one very popular (amateur?) online gun reviewer guy was absolutely STRUGGLING to manipulate the bolt action on one of these rifles. I am so happy I researched more after seeing that! He would shoot, look down at the rifle almost confused, clumsily manipulate the bolt/slide, look up, re-aim, etc... I am an amateur for sure but know it is/should NOT be like that operating a bolt action rifle. I have seen it done so much better! I think the gun was not tacticool looking enough for the guy which is part of the allure for me! When you clip in the five round magazine, the rifle does not look suspicious even one bit.
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