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I got a fixed 8 power with a 56mm objective Schmidt and Bender made in Hungary. They cost a third less, have the exact same parts and warranty as the Austrian made scopes, they are just made across the river so to speak.

Europeans can hunt at night.

I took this scope out (not mounted on a rifle) at 10 at night and could easily have hit targets several hundred yards away. The clarity is amazing.

The reticle is made for low light hunting too with a wide vertical post and two wide horizontal side posts. At 100 yards there is 2 meters between the tips of the side posts. The cross hairs are not very fine. They make a version with a lighted dot at the cross hairs.

I believe the European manufacturers have spent most of their time working on letting in or preserving the blue light wavelength. The thing is almost too bright on a sunny day if that is possible.
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