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280. rem oal?

Hi iam new to this forum and looking foward to gaining some extra knowledge and having a place to ask questions on reloading. how to grow how to grow up around a fe handloaders so I know th so I know the basics of of hand loading and terms and knowledge of the terms. I have never had a place or really the time to get into loading myself but now that I've built a new house and dedicated a room just for hunting and reloading I'm looking forward to starting this new hobby. My first question would be about overall length I have all the proper tools and overall lengt and overall length tools I see for a 280 is 3.33 for this caliber but I'm getting a measurement which is over a half an inch longer than the standard now I know and I've read that most people like to start 10 thousands of the lands to to find which amountof free bore the gun likes but if all factory is less than 3.33 and. 010 off the lands for me is 3.775 why have i always been able to shoot 1-2 inch groups with about any factory ammo. Sorry for such a long post but I will add to it later
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