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Is in my opinion the best handgun for close range defensive use,
That's your opinion and you're entitled to it....

If you have one,,,,hang onto it...

In a hundred years or so it might be a valuable oddity - akin to the LeMat
(another multi projectile flop)..

Anyhow exactly what are you basing your opinion on?
While were at it,,,let's look at the LeMat as an example.

If a shotgun pistol was such a great idea....why didn't more companies copy the LeMat?
Why didn't the military embrace the idea?
Why didn't the Ithaca Auto & Burgler spawn copies from other companies?
Granted, the Ithaca stopped production due to the NFA,,,,but,,,it'd been around for more than a decade prior to that...
Why didn't the Remington and Winchester multi projectile loads take off and set a standard for self defense ammunition?

Seriously - I'm not trying to be a PITA...
I'm just trying to point out that there's a huge amount of historical information available that doesn't support your opinion.

If you want to get a Gov,,hey,,knock yourself out,,,it's your money, buy whatever you want.
But - saying it's "the best" , just because it puts more lead out w/one pull of the trigger, just don't cut it....
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