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LCP vs S&W 642

I have both. If you decided definitely to get rid of one of these, which would it be? Consider accuracy with both to be about equal. These are my everday cc guns. I carry an extra mag with the LCP and an extra speed strip with the 642. The 642 carries comfortably IWB or in a pancake holster. The LCP carries better in a pants pocket. I mostly carry IWB. How do effectiveness of the cartridges compare? I live in a very safe small town and don't really go out much. When I do go to a more questionable area I usually take a higher capacity / larger caliber handgun. Which would you keep and which would go?

I have a few reasons for maybe eliminating one of these guns. Maybe to narrow to a few really good guns. I have some others I am thinking of selling to buy something really special, not sure what yet.
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