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Went to gun show, something followed me home ;)

So my wife tells me Friday there's a gun show this weekend where we live and wanted to know if I wanted to go or not. I told her no, that I was done with them for awhile. She said ok and that was that. Then Sunday rolls around and we're out driving around and she asks me: "You sure you don't want to go?" So I thought ah why not? I have a few items still on my gun show list I haven't been able to find yet, parts and reloading supplies, nothing big.

So I'm walking around, nothing's catching my eye. Then I see a guy selling a matching set of beat up blued Ruger Vaquero's. I thought to myself, I have been thinking about getting a Ruger to replace my 1st gen Colt SAA and I remember my fater-in-law knows more about them then me. So I give him a call to see what he thinks.

As we're talking, he tells me: "just look for a used SS 5.5", wouldn't you know it, the second he tells me that, I see a SS New Vaquero sitting on the end of the table, right in front of me. It seemed like fate so I asked my wife as a formality, cuz at this point I was pretty much sold. I got the green light and $525 latter I am the proud owner of a "like new" 2009 SS Ruger New Vaquero chambered in 45 Colt. Don't know if was a good deal or not but it was what I wanted and new ones around me range about $650 - $700. So all in all I think I did ok.

This is my first Ruger, is there anything I should know? Also, I've heard there's a difference in frame strength between the "old" Vaquero and the "new" vaquero. I went with the "new" because I wanted as close to my Colt as I could get and I plan on using the same loads I had been using with my Colt 1st gen, so I don't think the smaller frame will be an issue for me. I don't shoot +p ammo so I should be fine.

Any advice/tips from Ruger owners would be greatly appreciated.
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