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4473 and state lines

I have a prospective buyer for a firearm. I live in Washington and he lives 3 miles east in Idaho. I understand the ATF requires a transfer via FFL over state lines, but could I walk over to a FFL on the other side of the river and do the transfer there instead of running through two FFLs and paying two fees? (at least that's how it will work as described by the local dealers...)

Also: I have a financial interest in the local indoor range and I lent a revolver to them as a rental firearm until they got a replacement in the same caliber. Now that the replacement is in and I am looking at getting my firearm back, do we need to perform a transfer across state lines? I have sent pistols back through the local tri-state outfitters and they haven't performed an FFL transfer since the firearm never changed ownership. Since the firearm at the range was never up for sale per se, is a transfer required? Not really happy if I will need to make the decision to pay for the transfer or put gas in my car at this point.
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