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Our local action league did a scenario shoot.

You were supposedly attending the new My Little Pony movie with your kids.

First string: In the middle of a movie a dark figure bursts in through the side door and starts shooting. You start sitting a few rows in and must take into account three no-shoot targets in the row in front of you. Place three rounds center of mass in the darkened target (to simulate dark clothing) while avoiding the no-shoot target partially obscuring the bottom left third of the target and the no shoot behind and right of the bad guy. The three shots seem to not have any effect so you take a safety shot to stop the bad guy for good. You make your way to the left emergency exit and find another shooter, also dressed in black, waiting for people to rush out of the theater. Fire two rounds aiming for the head assuming this shooter is also wearing body armor.

Second string: Start with your hands above your head in a surrender position and with your back to two targets that are partially obscured by no-shoot targets. Turn and fire two shots center of mass in both targets followed by two rounds to the head in both targets. Then head to the alley to the right while performing a mandatory magazine change. Continue moving and fire six rounds center of mass at the target 15 yards down range. Then move to the barricade and fire two shots center of mass while leaning right followed by two shots to the head while leaning left.

All this was done in a darkened range with flashlights and strobes in the background. If you had a tactical light it either was held in the hand or previously attached to the firearm and must be in a holster that accepts such accessories. The light could not be attached after drawing the handgun. Lasers were also permitted if attached.

The guy with the best score and fastest time was a retired LEO and used a LC9 with a laser sight (not sure if it was Lasermax or CT). Having the laser in the dark definitely was an advantage since making out the exact shape of the darkened silhouettes was difficult without a light.
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