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I just did a Google search and found the following:

Ranked in order of power
Large Rifle = LR, Large Rifle Magnum = LRM, Large pistol =LP,*
Brand/type*************** Power Average*********** Range*********** Std. Dev
1 Fed Match GM215M******* 6.12************** 5.23-6.8************** .351
2 Federal 215 LRM************ 5.69*************** 5.2-6.5*************** .4437
3 CCI 250 LRM***************** 5.66************** 4.5-7.4**************** .4832

More primers were tested but these were the ones I was asking about. Everyone will have to check this out individually as the tester acknowledges his methods are unscientific... but the results seem to make sense.

Maybe we need to start a survey in this forum for favorite primers (pistol, rifle and magnum rifle)
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