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I have hunted Ducks & Geese for 30+ years and do not believe that either see colors. They will react to movement & flashes, but are more likely to be looking at your decoys than your blind or pit. As an example, one of the guides where I hunt wears a blue hoodie & his pit has not been cleaned in years; there are more Green, Red, & Yellow hulls around it than you see at most ranges after a contest. I have hunted with him & he gets the birds in no matter what. There have been times when it took longer to get to the pit than it did for three (3) hunters to limit out!

Actually, sun glasses are probably not the right ones to wear while hunting;they are for comfort, not protection if things go bad. Yellow tinted Safety Glasses are probably the best solution for glare while waterfowling. Plus, they are available in your RX if needed.
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