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What chemical dissolves propellant? Its stuck in my hand.

Does anyone know how to dissolve propellant?

Long story short I had an accident at the range with a Mosin Nagant. I was cycling the action a few times to figure out why my ejector wasn't working properly and didn't notice the first failure to extract I ever had. This caused a double feed initiating the unsupported round in the chamber firing a bullet (into the target backing thank god). The primer was pierced and shot unburnt propellant, the steel berdan anvil and bits of the primer into my hand and face.

Luckily I was wearing eye and ear protection, my glasses smacking my face gave me a bloody nose and stopped the hot gasses and fragmentation from hitting my left eye.

My problem is my right hand is full of little bits of unburnt 1940s straw colored propellant. I can pick some out with tweezers and scrubbing but I was wondering if there is something safe to put on my hand that would dissolve the propellant. I hoped neosporin might break it down but it isn't.

I have been to the ER already I'm not just self treating the wound. It looks like a very fine birdshot wound down the right side of my hand.
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