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Since discovering the intrawebs, I stopped using corrosive ammo. There are numerous Euro bargains online, with the best overall being Sellior & Bellot at $18 for a 20 pack of 196 gr SPs at 2592 fps. That is full on hot .30-06 power for substantially less than the anemic American 170 gr loads and it is very high quality ammo.
The Privi stuff is about 400 fps slower then comparable Sellior & Bellot but about $4 cheaper per box. If you want ammo for punching paper, (and quality reloadable brass) it is excellent.

Regarding Mitchells, they are generally excellent shooters and look great, although any resale will be hurt amongst the knowledgeable since they have been refurbished, which is painful since you have to buy them at a premium price from the source. And get ready for big doses of Haterade from internet and gun counter purists. If you don't care about those people (and why should you?), then enjoy.
The problem is not really with people that own Mitchells rifles, or the rifles themselves, but the advertising practices of the company. They are being sold as something they are not, and targeting people who do not know any better.

They are also heavily sanded, polished in ways the Germans never did, and according to some, scrubbed and restamped to make the numbers match (and using the incorrect stamp/typeface.)

From a purely collector standpoint, they are not worth much, but should be a nice shooter. And remarked or not, they are WW2 German rifles, and historical artifacts.
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