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I just picked up a little tidbit of reloading wisdom. If you go to the range to test out your brand spankin new first ever rifle hand loads... remember to pack them along.

Went to a range in Tacoma WA, while my brother was volunteering at the Animal Control horsebarn shoveling stalls of seized horses.. GREAT little range, Tacoma Sportsman's Club. Tiny, only 10 benches, very homemade feel to it. But the folks that run it were super great, and it was 25, 50, 100, 200, and a steel gong at 225 that entertained me most of the morning when I wasn't sighting in an optic.

So I got my varmint scope/carryhandle monstrosity sighted in. (Monstrosity because of the hoops to jump to get around/over/through the front sight tower) then sighted in a Vortex Strikefire with VMX3 magnifier and swing out mount, and additionally sighted in the carry handle rear sight. Then I went to my big box of range fun to be had. And I looked for my handloads. One labeled light for the smallest rec. load. One medium for the medium rec load advertised as most accurate... and found out they weren't in the box, or the range bag. So I had a sad face for a minute, then I saw that steel gong, and got a smile again while I kept ringing that bell over and over with the cheap PMC bronze. So I got to have hours of fun making empty brass to reload once I do actually test out that recipe.
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