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If you are not a felon or mental defective, you can appeal a denial, that's your due process at work, so your rights remain.
Problem is you don't get your gun until after the appeal has been approved. In essence guilty until proven innocent.

I wish in a private FTF transfer that I could run a check.
I'm hoping you mean that as an optional thing for whoever feels like doing it. Making mandatory FTF NICS checks work would involve some very serious infringements.

We need to look at what will effectively rehabilitate criminals. If they're getting out with unacceptable recidivism rates, then we need to keep them in there longer.
What exactly does that do? Let them hang around their criminal buddies that much longer.
Perhaps the "rehabilitation" system should be more focused on actually rehabilitating people and not just leaving them to rot in a cell for 6 or 7 years.
When you pull someone out of normal society for near a decade and then kick them back in again with nothing to their name and no way of reintegrating again, it's surprising the recidivism rate isn't 100%.
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