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Thanks for the input. There's truth in all the replies. If I stay with the existing GKs, I'll want to re-visit the range to confirm the 300 yard performance. That would just about exhaust my stock of that round. So the question was, "load more of that or try something different using other bullets I already have"?

I'm going with the 100 grain Nosler Partition and will let you know how that turns out.

PS. I was using lower loads because that was what historically gave me the best accuracy at the range. If that scenario continues with the Noslers, it will almost be a wash. Gaining 1/2" accuracy at 100 yards gains 1.5" at 300 but going from a 6" drop there to a 4" drop just about erases that gain.

AT the range it's called "shooting"; in the field it's called "hunting". Detailed analysis can usually help "shooting" but circumstances almost always trump analysis in the field.

I seldom miss at the range; missing is more frequent for me in the field. Darn those circumstances
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