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If Winchester (new) does not honor the recall and you are half way mechanically inclined, you can replace the firing pin yourself. To romove the action from the stock: Remove the forearm screw and the trigger guard screw. Place the stock butt against your hip and pull and hold the charging handle all the way to the rear with your right hand. With the left hand tilt and lift the barrel and action out of the stock, while still holding the charging handle to the rear. Once the action is out of the stock you can get to the bolt to drive out the pin holding the firing pin in the bolt. Replace the firing pin and retain pin.

Winchseter 100's are great shooters if maintained and cleaned. I have several. My favorite is a M100 carbine which shoots 1" groups used each year for deer hunting. The others are closet queens. This is after bedding the action and shooting my hand loads. About four years ago I believe I posted here how to glass bed M100 actions. Gl;ass bedding has to be done in four steps, but is well worth it.
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