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I'm not a legal expert at all,but it occurred to me today,a person could be charged with one felony for making the false statement on the 4473,then another felony for having controlled substance and firearms at the same time.

Some places,if you manage three felonies,don't they throw away the key?

I know in Colorado they get very serious about a round in the chamber of a long gun inside a vehicle.I do not know of it is a felony,but think how much trouble a guy could get in for sitting in a vehicle that smelled of pot while shooting prairie dogs out the car window.
Or maybe a couple of guys toke up while cruising county roads looking for pheasants,jump out and do a field corner with cover on some private land without permission and get caught.
I don't do those things,for many good reasons,but some folks do.The game warden will bust them as hard as he can .
Or maybe a couple of guys are just shooting an AR at cans on the Pawnee National Grasslands and the Ranger shows up

See,like I said,I have no interest in telling you how to live,just offering a heads up.
The general public might well be sympathetic to a stoner sitting on his couch eating cheetos giggling and watching a Cheech and Chong movie.There are no guns involved.
Add an AK-47 and the headlines become Reefer Madness drug fiend with arms cache!!And whatever you do,keep the twinkees away!Diane Fienstein has not forgotten.
Life is about making good choices.Sometimes you have to choose
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