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Thanks again for the comments everyone, I can attest for the K-31's accuracy; you should enjoy hunting with it. Unless you have to lug it all over!
I have looked into those Hornady loads, are they a fairly recent offering?
Havent noticed them in past years...

The Norma 180 grainers shoot very similarly to the factory GP11 military cartridges, so sighting in wasnt a pain.
(think its refered to as gp-11)
If I recall correctly, the Norma runs a 180 grainer ~ 2600 fps, I think a hair over that anyways

As far as a comparison, my brother hunts with a Remington 770 in 30-06
and uses Remington Core-lokt ammo that will push a 165 grainer about 3000fps
which isnt all that faster and with just a bit more energy delivered as the 'ol 7.5x55 swiss

My rifle doesnt punish my shoulder though!
That massive weight soaks up recoil and the K-31 trigger has a great, crisp break

Good Hunting!
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