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Originally Posted by arizona98tj View Post
Lots of rifles will shoot to a different POI after they are cleaned. Some number of shots later, they will settle back in to where they were. However, 6" @ 100yds is excessive and I've not seen one do it that badly.
One of my Mosin Nagants is just like that. As it copper fouls it pulls to one side, then settles down to shoot great groups for several hundred rounds. Then after a few weeks of no Cu solvent it begins to get erratic.

Soak it with Hoppe's for several days in a row until it's truly clean as a whistle and it's back off to the side.

Interestingly it's about 6 inches just like the OP.

Ok, yeah, it's a Mosin Nagant, not a high price hunting or target rifle. So I can overlook it on this one. I'd be ticked off if I spent a lot of money on a nice rifle and it did that.
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