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Bad groups out of Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter

Well, I guess that I am looking for some insight as to what might be giving me some very bad groups out of a Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter that I have. I bought the gun new in 2007 and have only put about 150-200 rounds through it, but when I have shot it, it did not appear to be particularly accurate. Anyway I decided to work with it today to do some hunting with it over the Thanksgiving break.

I set it up on the bench and shot three rounds of 240gr Winchester JSP at 50 yards. I had previously shot at this distance and while not tack driving accurate, I don't remember it being too bad. Well today it shot terrible... I am talking 9"-11" groups and spreading rounds like a shotgun. One round was completely off of the paper... I shot 3 more rounds and then went to thouroughly clean the pistol (it was already clean, but just to make sure). I then shot 6 more rounds of the same ammunition with similar results. Again this is not freehand, I do not shoot that well. It is off of a very solid shooting rest with me lining the scope up and simply squezing the trigger.

So I switched to some Winchester Super-X 240gr that I had on hand. Same results, horrible huge groups. So I tried some SWC handloads that my father shoots out of his Super Blackhawk with excellent results. Horrible....

The pistol has a Nikon Monarch 2-20 UUC scope on it mounted with the rings that came with the pistol. My first thought was to check the rings to make sure the scope has not come loose and it had not. My next move is to remove the scope and shoot open sight. As a comparison I shot my Super Redhawk with open sight using my own handloads (250gr and 300gr) and off of the exact same bench was able to shoot consistent 4" to 6" 3 shot groups before I grew tired of the punishment. And that was with open sights.

The lockup feels great, the forcing cone looks great and there is no damage to either the crown nor rifling. I just cannot find anything that would cause the pistol to be scattering rounds like it is. I am not going to claim to be the best shot in the world, but 9"-11" groups with no ryme or reason at 50 yds just seems really big. None of my other revolvers shoot like that, I have a 3.5" S&W Model 27 357 that shoots a heck of a lot better then that!

So what should I try next other then trying without the scope? Is there anything else to try? If I cannot find an issue is this something to send it back to Ruger to look at? I just have never had a gun that simply did not shoot well so I do not know where to go from here. Thanks for your help.
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