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You do realize the link you put to the 10-22 is just stock and magazine. There is no rifle included.
Yes, I'm aware of that. I'm not an idiot.

Nordic and Troy stocks can be fit with a slidefire. Enough said
I have no interest in the slide fire. To me, it's a waste of ammo and money.

ETA: Save your pennies and hone your crafting skills and you could get one of these: Vector Arms MP5 Style Rifle

I know it's only semi-auto, but you could SBR it later and you'll save on ammo over that boring full auto.
I would love to get that, but at this point in my life, it's simply not cost effective. Maybe someday. But I assure you, I'm very aware of it

If you want to know about other choices, then check out the M&P 15-22.
You can get it in a rifle or pistol model.
I handled a 15-22, and similar .22 AR-15-type rifles, and, to be honest, I really did not care for it. Out of everything I've handled, the GSG was the best for me. Now, I have not shot the 15-22 or GSG; like so many, the only .22 I've had actual range time with is a 10/22.
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