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tpcollins, I suspect that you have not been taught what moa means. So I shall attempt an explanation. MOA stands for minute of angle. A circle is divided into 360 degrees. Then divide 1 degree into 60 minutes. That is a fairly small measurement of angle. To demonstrate one minute of angle take 2 strings tied together and hold it at your barrels muzzle. Go out to 100 yards and hold them 1 1/8 inch apart (1 moa). Continue out to 200 yards keeping the spread at 100 yards 1 1/8 you have to hold 2 1/4 inches at 200 (still1moa) at 300 yards 3 3/8 inches. Basically the farther away it is from you the more it measures. Your scope subtends 8.3 moa to the post so at 200 yards it subtends almost 16 1/2 inches. So with your load hold the center of the thin reticle where you want the bullet to impact. ( the average deer is about 18 inches from top of hair on the back to bottom of hair under the chest ) at 200 yards put the cross hair on its hairline on the back and shoot. Dead deer.
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