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Ruger Gunsite Scout .308

Hey everyone,

A couple weeks ago a local gun shop had a .308 Ruger Gun Site Scout on the rack. Last week it was still there. I just couldn't help myself and had to scoop it up! I grew up reading Cooper's Corner in the back of my grandad's Guns & Ammo magazines- so have always been fond of Jeff Cooper and his ideas about the Scout concept. Not to mention I am a huge Ruger fan. Given that it was an obvious choice!

So far I'm loving it! I really like the look, feel, and fit/finish of it. I really enjoy shooting it so much more than any other bolt gun I have ever had! The magazine, picatinny rail, and flash hider adds to the fun. I didn't know how I'd like the forward mounting option with the scope/red-dot, but i'm loving it.

I put a little UTG Red/Green dot on it for the time being as you can see in the pic. So far so good though admittedly I've only had a chance to shoot it a few times in the same day, and only out to about 100-150 yards or so. It hit everything I aimed at, but I'm excited to see how far out I can meet my target with this thing.

The action is not as smooth as my M77 or Kimber 8400 but maybe it'll smooth out the more I shoot it. If not I can have it smoothed out but it's not a big deal. It's still fun as hell to shoot.

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