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Klaw; why so defensive? I was agreeing with your point and provided additional information concerning a 12 gauge that further emphasizes your point. How does that translate into trying to further promote that one is superior to the other?

If I wanted to get into the more is always better argument I would recommend the 18 pellet 00 Buck 3 1/2" shells. Conversely if I wanted to get into the less is always better argument I would suggest a Judge firing 2 1/2" shells of #7 1/2. Both would be examples of cognitive dissonance on my part as both can be effective but neither choice is a good all around choice.

Ask yourself which load is most likely to do the job if delivered with the same degree of accuracy; the 12, 20, or the .410.
Statistically there will always be those outliers that are the stuff of anecdotes and articles. At household distances a hit in the boiler room with any of the three will do the job.......statistically speaking.

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