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You are looking at the inches drop on your table and thinking that it's MOA. At 189y the table says you have 8.5" drop. At 189 yards that is less than 8.5 MOA.

Actually 8.5" x 100y / 189y = 4.5 MOA (using the 1 MOA = 1" @ 100y approximation)

It is a little tricky because you have to solve backward to find what distance will give you 8.5 MOA when the table only gives inches and yards. Can you set the calculator to give you MOA instead of inches? Or you could use the above equation to guess and check values from your table until you converge on an answer. But we do know for sure that 8.5 MOA is something past 200 yards.

Remember the further this gets away, the smaller your target will be in the scope and the less likely you will be able to visually estimate hold-over to stay on target.
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