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Here is a Fact - No Surprise

"US guns sales soar after Barack Obama's re-election"
Article from the 11-11-2012 Telegraph UK
No surprise and it will stay this way for quite a while. There must be a lot of stupid or smart people out there. I do know that I would rather have a safe full of firearms than paper dollar bills as long as the Fed is printing $$$ out of thin air and buying bonds with money printed out of thin air. As the owner of Survival Blog pointed out for 11-13-2012 blog:
"Consider: The used Macintosh II computer that I bought for $875 in 1990 is now worth perhaps $5 in scrap metal value, but the used stainless steel Colt Gold Cup .45 pistol that I bought for $400 in 1990 is now worth around $1,100."
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