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Originally Posted by FrankenMauser View Post
Florida has a bit of everything from Keys Deer, to Florida Coastal Whitetail, to Florida Whitetail, to Louisiana Whitetail, to Southern Whitetail. Some of the Southern Whitetail would easily be considered 'Bama deer... (mainly in the panhandle, anyway.)
What's the average field dressed weight of adult bucks and does of those various versions? I mean, actual scale verified weights. Up here, if you go by asking, the average doe is 150 and the big ones are 175. The bucks start at about 175 and go 250, even 300, for the big ones...

Until you actually use a scale....

then the doe average 95-105 and the bucks are lucky to go 150, big ones might make 200, really big ones 225.
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