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Have owned a 75BD for maybe 5 years now. I like the gun quite a bit now, but when I first got it I couldn't hit a target for beans. The trigger was lousy and I don't think I was used to the recoil. After shooting and shooting and shooting it everything just sort of magically clicked. Not sure if the trigger wore in or if I just got a feel for the gun.

Everything said and done, I probably would change two things about my purchase. First of all, I think I'd go for the safety model. I never use the decocker and I never use safeties on my other pistols, but I do like to do trigger work and the extra bits and pieces have delayed me from digging into this one.

Secondly, I really wish I would have gotten the slightly smaller model (forget what variation it was called). I think that extra 1" off the size would make it more reasonable for carry. When I first bought the gun I'd intended on just using it as a range gun because carrying wasn't really on my radar. Now I find myself needing to buy a new pistol (darn) for carrying when the CZ could have served admirably.
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