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WT Deer: Reload .257WM or .300 Win Mag?

I've just spent 4 days hunting WT deer and only had shots at 300 yds. I was shooting a .257 Weatherby Mag with 117 gr Sierra GameKing bullets with lowest recommended charge. With this load, my gun sighted in at +1.5" at 100 yds and -1.5" at 200 yds. I only tested a few rounds at 300 yds and found about -6".

I'm ready to reload something different and return. My two choices:

1) .257 WM with 100 gr Nosler Partition loaded per Nosler's recommendation,
2) .300 Win Mag with 165 Berger loaded per Berger's recommendation.

These are the bullets I have. I assume my coming shots will also be long range. I have only used these Berger bullets when my scope was defective so have no experience with them.

Which should I load for this application? Thanks

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