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M44 windage issues

I've bee playing with my M44 and have been having trouble getting the windage nailed down.

After inspecting the counter bore on the rifle, things look a little a little rough. Where the counterbore ends, it's not nice and crisp. The bore looks a little too worn on the bottom and left

Is there a special counter boring tool available to touch the muzzle end up?

I've been reading posts where guys just touched it up with a 3/8" drill bit. That sounds ok, but I would rather have the right tool.

I am a machinist, so I'm not afraid of doing the work. I would like to know what is considered technically correct.

I figure worst case, chuck it up in the lathe, center it, and break out the little, baby boring bar.

Other than that, things look good for something made in 1944. The bore is frosted, but not pitted.
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