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This quote from thallub; and i do not mean it as a put down, just another angle on what can be and not be.
i don't text while hunting or any other time. My cell phone is turned off while hunting.
I just took my boots off after responding to a hunter down that fell from a portable deer stand. This is the second fall we have had this season and both victims were alone and would have spent a whole lot more time on the ground had it not been for their Cell Phones.
The hunter tonight had the seat break and fell 20 ft and his phone was a Verizon system phone and there wasn't enough signal to make a call but he was able to TEXT family members and they made the 911 call.
This young man was air lifted to a regional trauma center and so was the hunter that fell last Sunday. Both with severe injury's.
So I can relate to those that don't text but I do now because of a injury to my long time hunting pal's son who flipped his ATV and had it not been, again for the TEXT feature he would not have been found for at least another day if not more as he was no-where close to the area his family thought he was and again no signal to make a voice call but his text went through!
When I was out west this year my phone would not work in the same area that it had worked for years. I was not able to make one call or send any text's. All i was able to get was "Emergency Calls Only" and i was in doubt that that was valid so I did test it. It did work and I apologized but I was very uncomfortable not knowing.
But when in a place like I was in my phone would have died in a matter of 8 -10 hours with all the searching for signal so my phone was off for the week.
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