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Bill Carson
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Thanks for all of your thoughts so far. H.H., you are quite right. 19th century tacks are cast with a square tapered shank. I've never seen these available in modern times. It is the one point of detail I may have to compromise on should the tacks win. Keep in mind, this old sole of a gun was one step away from being parts out. So I'm not destoying a valuable antique. I've worked with many originals. I got to liking the tack look. Also, built a number of n.w. trade guns with tack patterns. Ditto. Oddly, my 1856 barnett flinter I made a few years back doesn't have tacks yet, either. Still waiting for more throught on this matter. Meantime, I'll try to get images of the m1873 posted. Thanks again for all of your opinions. B.C.
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