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Problem is you can botch a head shot and just blow the mouth off and condemn the animal to a slow death.

Heart and lung shots are a better choice.

#1 You don't turn the skull in to a bag of pulp assuming you want a trophy.

#2 Bigger Target and less of a chance of a bad out come.
I would tend to agree with you in most instances for the majority of hunters. However, I see hundreds of deer in the course of a season and rarely do I get bent out of shape over a doe. I hardly ever go for a heart/lung shot even on a deer I intend to mount, its the high shoulder shot 90% of the time for me. Though typically that shot tends to break both shoulders, sever the spine and litter the lungs with bits of bone shrapnel. Never had one make a single step after it either.

Again, I don't advocate this type of shot for anyone, I have fired hundreds of rounds through the gun and know where it is going to hit every time. I had a very stable rest, good trigger control and breathing and ample light, it was simply a matter of mechanics. Every shot I take on a deer is intended to dispatch the animal as quickly as possible and none do it like a headshot. I never aim for a region or organ group, I aim for specific parts of the anatomy and if I cannot, then the animal walks.
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