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It would simplify things quite a bit if we could keep dangerous criminals in prison until they are rehabilitated and have paid their debt to society.
And how do you suppose we know when they are truly rehabilitated? Read their minds?
The reason we have limits on prison sentences is so the warden can't just keep you there indefinitely because he doesn't like you.
You know what they say about letting 100 guilty men go free to avoid 1 innocent man being imprisoned.
We can't be 100% sure anyone is rehabilitated. And we can't be 100% sure that people who are qualifying for firearm purchases aren't dangerous either. You aren't reading your mind when you buy a firearm, do we?

We need to look at what will effectively rehabilitate criminals. If they're getting out with unacceptable recidivism rates, then we need to keep them in there longer. When and if they get out they should have rights restored. If I can't trust the guy with a gun I don't want him roaming the streets with my wife and children.

Would a few slip through the cracks? Of course. They already are, or we wouldn't have a homicide rate at all.
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