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No dacaur - From some of my recent reading, The tip of the bullet has the least effect on accuracy. Tip is way behind an imperfection at the base and lower on the accuracy list than concentric and consistent diameter.
I didnt say the tip type is THE most important thing, but it does have an affect.

You need to find out for yourself before making a statement. Try taking a box of 20 lead tipped bullets that one of your rifle likes and make an imperfection in the tips of 10 then shoot then shoot 2 5 shot groups with each half. Its been done and the tip imperfection didn't change the group size.
Lead tipped bullets already have horrendous tip performance, so its not surprising that messing up the tip on one doesnt have much of an affect on accuracy, thats why no one uses lead tipped bullets in matches.

Inside 200 yards, I dont expect tip type matters much at all anyway unless you are an expert shot with a very accurate rifle.
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