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Because of the way the rifle shoots those 65 gr Sierra GK's, I think I'll get a couple boxes of the Sierra HPBT 69 grainers. I'll probably put Varget behind them. Norma cases and CCI BR4 primers will be the rest of the load. I'd go with the 52 or 53 gr Matchkings, but have decided that I'm either going to keep using the 40 gr Nosler BT's or the Sierra 65 gr GK's for my normal shooting. I'll use all my 55 grainers for the 220 Swift.

I'll tell you what I'm going to do with them. I'm going to load up a bunch of neck sized cases and shoot for accuracy. Then I'll do the same with FL resized cases (same 50 cases) and then with partial resized cases (same 50 cases). I'm by golly going to see which shoots best and I'm going to burn a lot of ammo doing it. And then I'm gonna tell ya'll. I'm doing this with the 223 Hawkeye because it's an off the shelf rifle (new trigger and stock). I don't want to use any of my 'tuned up' rifles for this experiment. This may take a while.
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