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I have retired from a "interesting" high risk work. My combo preferred was a Gov't 1911, J-Frame/K frame/ small cal Beretta "tip-up' and...includes a NAA mini-revolver, in dedicated .22lr.

Today, my situation is different. I "sometimes" carry concealed a 1929 Colt Detective Special (very sentimental I must add) loaded with standard pressure, 158 gr LSWC.

While not as young as I once was, still ever bit as I ever was, and being "retired", and in (thankfully not the setting) still situational aware (perhaps better with age?)

I am looking for another dedicated .38 spl for my EDC, CCW, as I now have a lifetime CCW where I reside.

But I'd carry a Gov't Model of 1911, in a heartbeat, Every darn day if I did not have a snubby.

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