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Once again, thank you to all for your kind words and support. It is truly appreciated by the family.

I took the Walther out today, one week since my son's passing, and shot three boxes of ball ammo through it. It shoots OK, though the slide is just a tad low for my beefy hands. I had slight rub marks and a tiny scratch on one side of the web of my thumb from slide rub. Even at ten yards the .380 had enough punch to swing up the steel plates if I hit them dead center at the bottom. POA/POI are pretty close with one brand I tried, though it would take some practice to become proficient(just like with any firearm). I will have to adjust my grip some to stop the rubbing next time I take it out. Though this would make a decent carry piece I think I will relegate it to the safe except for special memorial shoots.

Once again, thanks to everyone.
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