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Bought a Lee Enfield no.4 MK1

Just puchased a Lee Enfield No.4 MK1 with a date of 1943 on the wrist and serial AT 11422 I belive this is a Maltby.

Also all the same serial number is found on the wrist below the in back of the bolt, and on the bolt and on the forarm under the front sight,it has a brass butt plate, and the barrel is in really nice shape, after running some cleaner and patches dow the barrel, there are 2 grooves and are in really good shape and bore is brite and shinny.

The stock is in good shape as well, not totally beat to heck.

But there are no import marks of any kind. there is the broad arrow from the armore, and there are letters on the right side by the bolt.

Is it unusuall to find a LE with out any import markings and all matching serial numbers?

Will try to add a few pics when I find me camera.
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