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I own the Tikka T3 in 300 Win Mag and use it to hunt elk. I sold a heavy 300 Weatherby and bought this 6.5 lb rifle instead. It was a good move. I love the light weight. You cannot find another rifle in that caliber that weighs the same or less for anything close to the price of a Tikka.

It's a gun to carry a lot and shoot a little. Of course, that's what most people typically do with an elk rifle.

I don't notice the recoil when shooting at an elk. I DO notice the recoil when shooting off a bench. Not my favorite thing to do, so I only do it to check zero each year. However, I don't notice the Tikka kicking any more than the heavier 300 magnum rifles I have owned or shot. The soft recoil pad I put on it helps.

Of course, I don't like to shoot any big game rifle a lot. Not what I consider a fun choice for target practice. A 22-250 is about as big a cartridge as I would go with if you want to shoot it a lot.
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