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Brother, out of what you are considering, you will be just fine with either. I have the S&W (standard M4 variant they offer but 1-9 twist) and love it. I also have a DDV4 that is a great rifle. To be honest I used to shoot the S&W more just because I did not want anything to happen to the DD, but that has changed. Now I shoot the M&P more just because it functions as good and is every bit as accurate. Guess you can tell, I love my Smith.

These companies make great rifles. I used an FN also a few years ago. To be honest the larger companies like Colt,S&W,Ruger,Windham,DD,etc... all make great rifle and I would be damn proud to own any of them.

Keep us posted and let us know what you decide on, and how big that smile is after the first magazine goes through it. Good luck, and enjoy.
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