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cartridge case gauges aren't infallible

One would think the Wilson cartridge case gauge or Dillon would be accurate from minimum to max length, tain't so!! I have several L.E.Wilson gages that are spot on, the exception is my 280Rem which is .006" short. I've had several 280Rem rifles in my life, currently have two, Winchester model 70 Classic and a Ruger model 77 Hawkeye. The Ruger is the most current, I discovered fired cases from the RUGERS CHAMBER were flush with top step indicating max head space. I had built a 280Rem for my son and still have both the go and no go headspace gauges, I inserted the go gauge in my Ruger's chamber and the bolt closed as it should, I checked the No Go gauge and the bolt would not close?? I decided it was time to check the Wilson cartridge case gage, my chamber go gauge was flush with the top step, the Wilson cartridge case gage had been cut .006" short. I felt a little foolish when I discovered I had made one to many assumptions. Just remember the gages are just a tool, no better than the man who cut and in my case failed to verify the length of the Wilson cartridge case gage before it left the factory. William
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