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Recent tests with my Remington Model 788 and its 22-inch barrel gave the following results: (Averages of at least 8 shots)

Magtech 240-gr SJSP: 1606 fps
Remington 240-gr SP: 1774 fps
Winchester Super-X 240-gr SP: 1866 fps
Hornady LEVERevolution 225-gr: 1759 fps

Handload, 19.6 gr AA-9 w. Hornady 240-gr XTP: 1695 fps.

Your 24-in barrel would probably give an additional 20-40 fps.

Yes, the Winchester ammo is plenty hot. It gave 1351 fps in my Model 29 with 6-in barrel. Model 29s, in my experience, don't often beat 1300 with factory ammo.
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