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Thanks guys, Chris, Chad and Longshot. Great info, so I think for bang for my buck the S&W 15T sounds like a good comprimise for my intentions. I just have to put one on backorder I guess..

I just moved another 12 miles outside Atlanta Metro, so have ten acres and found a great 100 yard path. I have to get a sling blade and chainsaw out and other stuff to clreart the line. Should be fun. I am luckly to be surrounded by 2nd advoactes and hunters that are firearm friendly. Man I feel lucky

I know my S&W MP15-22 has been great. I think I am leaning toward thw A&W AR15T, tactile version. Just have to wait for it to come in unless any of yall know who might have some in stock for a decent cost?

Thanks again... Scott
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