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Originally Posted by 8MM Mauser
Value, from what I have read, you get the performance of an expensive 1911 or a SIG for 500-600 dollars? Sign me right on up!
Not quite. Out of the box CZ's have crappy triggers. You have two options to remedy this; install a Cajun Gunworks trigger or send it to a gunsmith. CZ Custom charges around $225 for a 4lb trigger. A do-it-youself job will run around $125 with a CGW kit.
Secondly, you're buying a gun with a cast metal frame not forged.
Third, most if not all CZ's have barrel-to-bushing play and there's no easy fix for it like there is for a 1911.
I own a CZ Custom CZ 75 SHADOW T SAO and a CZ75b stainless with a CGW trigger job.
I ordered a 97b this spring but upon inspection, I had the FLL dealer send it back to Buds because the QC was unacceptable.
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